Carole Osburn

Mission & Technique

Carole G. Osburn-Fiber Artist
2807 Patricia Dr. Urbandale, IA.
515 278-2587

Mission Statement

To create paper collages that are unique in idea, with a tactile nature and balanced harmonious design and to make these original, one-of-a-kind pieces attainable to admirers from all socioeconomic levels.



My collage works have a substrate of handmade papers. These sheets are made using a plant fiber called abaca. This plant is grown in the Philippines and has a long, dense and strong nature. I purchase the linters which are soaked over night and then ground into a pulp which is then poured into a vat of water. A deckle and mould is used to make the sheet which is then couched, and dried. I use many texturing materials to create an interesting surface. The sheets are cured and painted using acrylic paint. The components for the collage are chosen based on color and texture. The composition is determined with carefully placed castings, collected papers and relative elements.

The cast paper sculptures are made from ground abaca pulp which is placed over a shape. As much water as possible is extracted. Once dried the piece is coated with a thick acrylic and cured. The paint is applied with an airbrush and the sculpture then gets a final coating of acrylic medium. The sculptures are durable and archival.