Carole Osburn

About the Artist

Carole G. Osburn, Fiber Artist

2807 Patricia Drive  Urbandale, Iowa 50322
515 278-2587




Carole has been creating and producing fiber art pieces for 30 years.  She practices her art with deep commitment and professionalism, demonstrating a strong understanding and love for relationships in texture, balance, color, and shape.  Her pieces are not constrained by an imposed symmetry but flow with a peaceful and asymmetrical style.  Carole has a passion for layering a wide array of materials including hand-made papers, natural related embellishments, wire, and clay.  She exhibits and sells her work at art fairs throughout the Midwest where she has received many awards including a recent “Best of Show”.  They have been collected by numerous individuals as well as hospitals, corporations and Iowa State University.

Carole is a self-taught fiber artist.  Beginning training in Chicago doing macrame and weaving, her classes encouraged the unusual.  By the early 90’s paper was becoming an increasingly acceptable media.  In a natural transition she began learning the techniques through books and workshops in Sedona, St. Louis, Iowa City and Des Moines.  Continuous experimentation has led to the unusual pieces she presents currently.

Carole makes her home in Urbandale, Iowa where she has a home studio, a back yard cottage for color application and a framing studio nearby.